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   Chapter 1.The money from Google Adsense.
How to make money from Google Adsense is a way to make money on the Internet as easy as possible and do it just to actually have their own website. And have people visit the site per day is a lot. Money can be difficult.
  Google is a website with hundreds of millions of people who use the service per day, with its various departments. Back to text. Advertising advice. Products and their services. A million same. Google, which is difficult to be able to display those ads all have the opportunity to have their own website to subscribe to the Google Adsense ads are text ads more channels. Revenue increase.
  When we subscribe to via Google Adsense is a Google ad for display on our site. If someone clicks on the text. Those ads. We will have a share of the ad is that it is very easy to make money. But do not click it or click the help of Google is very clever because it can detect. And if the click fraud. It is flat or terminate our dating site forever not worth the chance of livelihood.

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