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  Before the competition of Muay-Thai ,Krabi-Krabong , or any other ancient weapons martial arts , every competitors must perform the "Wai-Khru" ritual and perform the boxing dance which is the continued tradition since ancient."Wai-Khru" is a way to pay respect to his majesty the king or the chairman of the competition tournament. Furthermore , "Wai-Khru" is the way to realize the goodness of the master who give them the knowledge. It's also the way to create the strength of their mind. The style of the dance is unique of each of boxing bureau. The boxer who danced the same style wouldn't box each other since they realize that they have the same master. Furthermore , to dance is one way to warm up before starting the fight . it also helps relax the stress and to prepare body and mind to be ready to get into the battle HONG HERN YOONG FON HANG YOONG RAM PAN SOD SOI MALA THE KING RAMA PHEANG SORN PAYAK DOM KWANG SUE LAK HANG SOW NOY PRA PANG .
  1.Sue Lak Hang
The "Sua Lak Hang" style. its has own way both sitting version and standing version. Start with "Wai Kuru" from the "Dhep Pha-nom" , "Tha-Vai Bung-Kom" , " Pha-Thom" and " Bhrama" form respectively in the same way with others.
Sitting version :
Step 1 : while sitting in the "Bhrama" form which the left foot perpendicular to the floor. Raise the tip of your hand and wave your arm up and down for all time. Then stretch your arm out wave it up and down. Shake your head to the counterpart.In the same time move up and down harmoniously. Your weight is focus on the left foot and move your right foot help to keep the balance. And move your body along the rhythm.

Step 2 : move your body backward to take your weight focusing on your left foot. your right foot still stretch forward. Move both of your hands up and down in the same way as step 1 : you probably change to use your right foot instead.


Standing Version
Stand up from the sitting form of the "Sua Lak Hang" dancing style.
Step 1 : stand up , keep in balance with your right foot , bend your left foot backward. Raise up the tip of your foot and bend your body frontward , raise both of your hands perpendicular to the floor. Wave your hand up and down similar to the sitting version which is move the whole arms simultaneously. Wobble Body , tip of foot , face alike to mock the counterpart.


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