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The history of boxing.

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  Muay Thai has a long history of use in the war in the past. Currently being adapted for use in Muay Thai army called "very strong", which is different from that used in the sport of Muay Thai. Gloves are used to prevent the harm from occurring. Boxing continues to be named. Science of the eight attacks, including two feet, two hands, two elbows and two knees (some texts may be innovative weapons, including the head, which includes the use of armed attack or TOT buttocks ramming attacks).
  Inherited from ancient Muay Thai boxing. Divided into individual lines by that locality by the late major like boxing Pole (North) Muay Korat (Northeast), Muay Chaiya (South) Boxing Lopburi and boxing capital city (Central) has said. "punch Korat very clever Lop Tha Chaiya".

 Study Art boxing.
  Thai boxing
It is said to have been associated with legendary Queen Chamadevi. Creator Lamphun that around 1200 BC with the name Praฤๅษi cooked up Kata Kata inverted. A fair companion to you Mr. Deva Rishi. A teacher who teaches science fair after all, should the liberal arts education for Thao Chao Khun said. The study was set up to anchor his Connecticut district, Lopburi (National Library of Jaipur or Lavo) in all science nor. Enlightenment should include the man known as Mysore University (University of Mysore + Maya dignitaries Shopping imply that subjects trained to accomplish. Some subjects warrior called "reacquired" means superior to) subjects including swords, arrows pugilism subjects requisite elephant, a horse trained to achieve proficiency in the martial and war. In ancient times, the school office (Office of School Boxing Boxing is different from the school office or the Office of boxing trainer who has a reputation as a skilled and respected friends. Department wishes to convey the loss. By focusing only convey to the student the appropriate outlets, a collection of enthusiasts in boxing. With the aim to exchange knowledge to be used in the tournament - the tournament) by the royal court and a civil court with some training classes Krabi sword dance club pole spear and a halberd or battle other. For use in self-defense and used in the war. Both kings and nobles, commanders and common folk. (Mostly male) and there will be competitive fight - Showdown in the Temple. Festival and camp by boxing and boxing Bureau. Send a boxer and boxing trainer contestant win - bet. By the equality
 Sometimes it is a legendary king or nobleman who specializes in fighting fake competition to test their skills as they appear, including King Tiger (Khunheyong construction tenders) Taksin. Phraya Pichai Broken Sword Master flowers magical Chai Chan district. When the fall of Ayutthaya Thailand to Burma. Mr. unidentified boiled sweets. Teachers boxing Ayutthaya. Which had been carried away as prisoners of war by the Burmese boxing. Win as many times as it appears to the versatility of the subjects boldly boxing in the late Ayutthaya period has established a Police Department lawyer under an obligation to provide protection for the monarchy. Has trained technical fights, both boxing and wrestling typical guests, Persia (Iran), the teacher of Muay Thai and boxing skills into service and many have been skillful in battle in the courts and before the throne in festivals traditionally. together on a regular basis. And it is to be noted that The partisans of the sun god. Purely a boxer and boxing trainer famous in that era a lot. Even has set up a special forces division is the third lawyer to the teacher. And Kagแkgw Jinda. The mission is to make Thailand an end to the threat of the Burmese. In the battle that she could be called as glass Ratchaburi. Muay Thai partisans.
Thai boxing has been very popular in the early Rattanakosin period. It was the most flourishing period of five days, he has studied and practiced boxing Thailand favorite boxing tournament throne by skillful boxer recruited from various sectors. The tournament competition. And titled royal appointment. Please also provide the Department of Education. Boxing training is compulsory packaging. In school physical education teacher. Boxing is a satirical throne until the reign of the sixth palace rose garden. The fight between fighter tournament. Thailand together with the boxing trainer. And the fight between the boxers. Boxing with foreign teachers. In a boxing match in the reign of the sixth course boxing Turn Ya (Kung Fu), the overseas Chinese. Name Mr. G and Mr. Chang also brave sea captain disciple of Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udom Sak. I stretch a boxing style Boxing Korat. Which focuses on stretching and stands ready to attack with emphasis on footwork and throwing punches. And later became a model for training in Muay Thai Institute of Physical Education, the reign of the seventh in the first race with a thousand hands with boxing ropes. Until the raft. Heavenly banquet. Pole Fighter of Uttaradit punched Grinding Khmer boxing with a punch thrown buffalo died. Then shifted wear gloves instead. Later became the rule in the punch. The first stage is a standard boxing ring Lumpini and Ratchadamnoen Boxing Stadium Muay Thai competition until today.
  The Ministry of Culture, 2554. Has resolved to set out on 6 February every year since 2555 as "Boxing Day" by taking on the Tigers reign of God. I have studied the history of Muay Thai. Commented boxing. Originated long before the reign of King Tiger. And if you will give it to people who are skilled in Muay Thai classes and is generally accepted. Both in terms of prestige and capabilities should be praised Phraya Pichai Broken Sword (the gold teeth), most likely because there is a clear history of the study of boxing. Mr. boiled sweets. The old boxing trainer, and was carried away into captivity before the city was considered to be the subjects of the two boxing shows foreigners have praised. But the history is not clear. But if indicated. Should praise the king than the common man. Should be considered. King Taksin. His biography, which is evident in the many fields of study, boxing and wrestling. There is grace that reestablish the sovereignty of Thailand. By collecting boxing boxer with a lot of skill in military salvage freedom.

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