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Muay Thai 3 How to practice boxing.

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How to practice boxing .
Practicing two different split second the Mariners.
- According to the old practice of divide Hem .
- Mainly for the study of modern boxing. The practice has three ways to practice simultaneously .

First . Trained physical strength, endurance , agility .
Two . Coaching minds in force.
Three . Trained to recognize a sense in terms of boxing .

How old Muay Thai practitioners by way of the hem of the division.
Boxing training is the training method before. Will proceed as follows.

First . Was time to get up from sleep at any time to lie on a straight stretch feet to either side . The two random punch up.
Both hands until you stand up to do something like that the lines of age. And to excel in both hands .

Two . Was time to wash your face . The unheated water to wait out front . Do not rub the front of his hand . Rub hands to face or to make it clear this is how our eyes can not penetrate dizzy when to dodge . And the connections we have with the neck .

3. Sunrise . To sit facing the sun . Looked to the West , but this is enough to make light Taklga to punch or kick him to the eye, we do not see a good looking . Do not close your eyes .

Four . Was bath time . Submerged in the water to me how this makes the eyes light up Taklga .

Five . Then into the water , just the neck. If you want to bring both elbows perpetuated until this method gives rise to the elbow and maintain active connections with the process .

6th . Late evening or night on the beach , round kick pedal Wind wind and jump , he jumped out . Active lineup to both elbows , both knees all the way up , this is really good .

Training courses will own this.

When a teacher 's hands and feet then punched kicked fluency will tell the teacher before and 6 pence silver cone 6 cone white 6 cubits flower candles for altar candles , the incense , teachers , teachers . Teacher is to stand straight up. Tiled feet . I took both hands to stretch the forehead. And efficiency to it.

I work right right right Kampala Manga inopportune Ta Chai Eeoc architecture that grows right here on the NIJ 's Kampala Manga Prasittiem .

Then stalking. Been told not to .

First . Wooden one foot to the beat , seizures and convulsions.
Two . Wooden cover off two punch with the elbow .
3. The punch over the shoulder .
4. Fourth punch to punch out when he took off in
5. Chgagprasanga five fights .

Not, this is not the teacher. Then mixed with wood next example .

Wood Betta Corona 1 Hall tore the nest one timber Hanuman consecrated ring 1 is falling stones with one wooden Ching Ling lace 1 No pitcher Krrฐs broken spear 1 is inverted ducks swimming 1 Not Tos Krrฐs Sok one no less distorted latent stump one wood quail out . nest one timber sculpts sweeping grass 1 is broken diamond core 1 does sculpts stabbed with one wood sandstones dip eggs 1 No monkey rolling 1 is not just fast looping 1 wooden Hanuman carrying the first wooden Hanuman removal stump one wood rat to climb about one Mai Ta dodge . the first 1 is the lie .

Said this before , but just not as much as 21 . Clauses but also much indescribable .

How modern Muay Thai training .
Mainly for the study of boxing . Which to practice and practice to have the third line .
First . Trained to race hard the body is active .
Two . Coaching minds in force.
Three . Trained to recognize a sense in terms of boxing .

First . Trained physical strength, endurance , agility .

Is a practical way .

A diet that contributes to the integrity of the body. Refrain is to blame for food and drugs such as alcohol, coffee, etc.
Data. Exercises. Hygiene principles , such as air punches with dumbbell punches the ball push and punch sandbags and other freehand exercises like running, jumping rope, swimming .

These particular exercises . Must have the necessary equipment , such as breathing .

- Use canvas or leather sandbag . Which has a width of approximately 25 cm high , about 1 meter in front of packed sawdust, sand , and an increase in weight of 50 kg until 100 kg.
- Dumbbell or a steel punch or stone ballast one pair half pound heavier .
- Jump rope one and a half meters long, 2 lines .

Punching air with a dumbbell . Punch is strong and durable . Punch bags punching ball , sand fleas make up correctly and are running, jumping rope. Cause the sensitivity of the patient pool that will help increase patient toil .

The Culture of the force. And strong muscles like gymnastics with barbells . Bar single - these are the big muscles . And strength of muscles. But not for boxing , which aims to train for agility even if some are not so much.

Breathing long range. Such as resuscitation . Fresh air . Lungs expanding it. It will contribute to the strength.

Two . Train the mind in force.
A practice that should be followed to study the other. Before deciding to study Muay Thai. Must be determined to be trying to accomplish . The contract is the force that Will not change further when the study began . Practitioners may face some difficulties such as inaccurate recognition is not a quick punch or the force of these we must force the mind to it that we do not be too hasty . None of the subjects achieved a learning day. Fighting with boxing . The pain is caused by deliberate intent on including some of boxing is always a victory to the party. Traumatized even more time training their children also . Here it is necessary to train the mind to endure the anger is anger angry angry than to abuse themselves. It 's not an athlete , but also the way we fight disadvantage because many lack the correct restraint and foresight can not. The brain can cause acute or keeper pugilism Should force the mind and remind yourself constantly that " not angry " Despite that , it should be extremely angry that we were provoked to anger to triumph over the enemy , which would be a fool to him . Quite embarrassing .

Mental training is mandatory . Inevitably involved in between. Agility training combat. We are always cautious when it will become routine and a good habit to yourself.

Three . Trained to recognize intelligence in terms of boxing .
When we have a perfect body as well . And psychological commitment to study to become a good fighter then . Another practice which posture or various agility in combat. Basic knowledge of the battle. Alone , we should have first started as a fist fight at a foot to foot . How I long sting. Regulation of its own. The key points of the body which is not a punching motion or lace in combat.

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